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We are Arizona's premier auto detailing and spa offering services such as auto detailing, paint correction and protection, Ceramic Pro and XPel installation.  Our full website is under development but feel free to check out below and our social networking sites for more information.

  • Responsive

    As Arizona’s premier auto detailing and spa we make ourselves available to answer any questions you may have regarding your decisions to bring your vehicle to us!! Contact us anytime via phone, email or social media!

  • Well Known

    Our clients vehicles have been showcased in many shows from LA Autocon to the very latest SEMA! We are well known and respected within the auto community as taking pride in our work, not only for ourselves but for our clients as well.

  • Reducing Washes and Wax

    Why spend countless hours washing and waxing every month, when you can eliminate that with Ceramic Pro! Contact us today and ask about our Ceramic Pro packages!!

Who are we

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For all your auto detailing needs, Hyer Quality Detail is the place to go. We have many years of experience handling every type of vehicle from cars to boats. Our clients vehicles range from daily drivers to show cars in big auto shows across the country. We take great pride in making sure you, as the client, are happy with every service we provide.

What we Offer

Auto Detailing - Paint Correction / Protection

Our auto detailing services consist of the clay bar deconatamination, wash and application of Adam's Polishes Paste Wax. We offer XPel paint protection film and installation as well to cover road damage from rocks to keep your car looking new.

Ceramic Pro

We offer many packages of Ceramic Pro to help give your car that off the showroom finish. Not only do you never have to wax again with Ceramic Pro, it protects it from scratches and small dings with the 9H application. Contact us for more details.

Auto Cleaning Supplies

While we offer services so you don't have to, we understand that there are a few of you that prefer to do it on your own. That's why we offer various auto detailing supplies as well. Anything from Adam's Polishes products to actual Rupes polishers. Feel free to contact us to see what we can provide to you!!!

Classics to Exotics

All cars have individual needs and care techniques. When detailing classics to exotic cars, Hyer Quality Detail takes extra care to work within the personality of each of thes unique machines. Superior products, such as Adams Polishes and Ceramic Pro, as well as cautious and methodical techniques are only some of the special attention that the vehicles can expect to receive with Hyer Quality Detail. 

What they Say

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    You can reach us through various ways, either through the following contacts or through social media below.

    Hyer Quality Detail
    717 South Hacienda Drive, Tempe, AZ, USA

    • Postal Code: 85281
    • Tel: 480-703-7217
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