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Hyer Quality Detail: More Than Just Our Name

Automotive Paint Protection & Aesthetic Studio

As true auto enthusiasts, cars aren't our job, they're our lifestyle. At HQD, we specialize in all facets of automotive protection (PPF, Ceramic Coatings, Ceramic Wondow Tint), as well as paint correction. Whether you have a brand new vehicle that you want to keep in fresh-off-the-lot condition, or you are looking to restore your vehicle's original beauty and shine, HQD provides the highest level of service, and installs only the finest quality products available. Our versatile product line and attention to detail have made HQD Arizona's premier automotive protection studio. We welcome you to visit us for a tour of our 10,000 square foot, fully climate controlled, state-of-the-art facility. While you are here, we would be happy to do a free paint correction test spot to show you exactly what kind of results can be achieved, and walk you through our line of products and services.

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Discover a Finer Form

To refine is to create a distinction between excellence and mediocrity. From daily drivers, to exotics and everything in between, every detail is poured over, knowing that each component is an opportunity to make you fall in love with your car time and time again. This passion for excellence is what separates the true professional from all the rest. Through our passion we have mastered the art of finishing… we are HQD.

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Discover the Automotive Fountain of Youth

At HQD, we believe beauty is worth creating and preserving. This is our dedicated craft, and quality is not just in our name, it is our benchmark. Whether you have a brand new vehicle that you want to keep in fresh-off-the-lot condition, or you are looking to restore your vehicle's original beauty and shine, HQD’s protection process will leave you looking back in admiration every time you park your car, for many years to come.

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Discover an Infusion of Distinction and Style

At HQD we don’t limit our craft to mere attention to detail, we pursue something well beyond. We see every vehicle as an opportunity to create a unique piece of automotive art, exclusive to its owner. Our goal is to ensure your car is not only be beautiful to drive, but also beautiful to look at, and beautiful to own. Unique stylistic details shape the way your car is experienced, our customization services add elements of distinction and style that will evoke a lasting love and appreciation for your vehicle.

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Automotive Fountain of Youth: PPF, Coatings, Tint & More

At HQD we use the most advanced techniques, tools, and products available to perfect the finish of your paint. We only perform true paint correction, which means we are actually removing the defects, rather than hiding them with temporary fillers like so many other detail shops do. This ensures your vehicle is in the original condition if you are to apply ceramic, vinyl, or paint protection film. Don't settle for anything less than the best!

Never wax or buff again! Ceramic Pro is an invisible glass shield specifically formulated for the various surfaces of your car, including paint, plastics, glass, trim, wheels, and even interiors. It not only protects, but enhances the depth of color and provides the ultimate gloss finish, enhancing your vehicle's cosmetic appeal and making it easy to clean and maintain. Our ceramic pro packages offer a range of protection backed by warranties ranging from 6 months to lifetime.

Paint protection film, also known as clear bra, provides your vehicle with the ultimate road hazard protection. Rock chips, pitting, road debris, and scratches don't stand a chance against this industry-leading film. Self-healing technology keeps the film look great year after year, and its superior optical clarity makes it the best protection you'll never see!

With Xpel's carbon and ceramic tint we provide you with a multitude of solutions for all of your tint needs. Whether its heat rejection, privacy, or a combination of both, Xpel's industry leading line up will keep you looking and feeling cool even through the hottest of summers.

Vinyl wraps, full custom print wrap designs and a variety of high-end wheel brands, aero, body kits, and air-suspension.

Keep your windshield protected chips and cracks with our clearplex windshield protection films. Invisible to the eye, but very effective at preventing windhield damage from rocks and other road debris.

Ceramic Car Coatings

Nanotechnology as a lifestyle

Hyer Quality Detail is Arizona's top rated Ceramic Coating studio and a Cermaic Pro flagship location.. As an industry leader in nano ceramic car coatings, Ceramic Pro Coatings will protect almost any surface by molecularly bonding with the surface its applied to. The outcome is a hydrophobic surface that is impervious to contamination. Ceramic coatings provide UV protection and a self-cleaning and self-healing effect, making the interior or exterior of your vehicle resistant to the sun, corrosion, graffati, temperature, scratches, chemicals & more.